A lot has changed since we first wrote about Lift eFoil last year. Lift Foils is a Puerto Rico-based startup and maker of Lift electric hydrofoil, or eFoil that lets riders experience flight over almost any body of water at up to 25 mph, with no waves required. The eFoil can rise up above the water and ‘fly’ over the water at the speed of 25 mph.

Lift Foils co-founder Nick Leason, an engineer and avid surfer, first came up with the idea for the original eFoil our co-founder Nick Leason- an engineer and avid surfer- came up with the idea for the original eFoil in 2013. eFoil leverages several technologies from smart phones, electric vehicles, and even drones into a board that would let its rider fly above any body of water without needing to be propelled by wind or waves.

The development of eFoil took many years of R&D, components sourcing, design, and engineering to get the project off the ground. Once finished, eFoil took on a life of its own. Since launched, the company has shipped thousands of boards world-wide from the same facility where they started.

eFoil uses a hydrofoil technology found in larger boats and airplanes to create the hovering effect. The eFoil uses an advanced lithium-ion battery to power a silent electric motor that’s mounted on an all-carbon-fiber hydrofoil. Controlled by a wireless Bluetooth hand remote, it allows you to ride for over an hour at 25 mph on a two-hour charge.

The Lift also uses advanced wireless communication to create an experience that’s a mix of surfing, flying, and deep-powder snowboarding. The result is a powerful, stable, and responsive ride over any body of water, regardless of the weather conditions.

The US$12000 eFoil can be recharged from a household power outlet in 2.5 hours, or the $3000 Lithium-Ion battery can be swapped for continuous usage. The eFoil takes advantage of modern technology and expert craftsmanship to create a state-of-the-art watersports technology experience combining the best of surfing, hydrofoiling, and electric propulsion in an easy-to-use, unbelievably fun package.

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 eFoils is the next generation of hydrofoils. It comes with a wireless hand controller, silent electric motor and fully programmable computer. eFoil comes with superior lithium battery technology. As the battery of choice for electric applications, we worked with the best engineers in the USA to create a custom lithium battery built for a rugged marine environment.

Coupled with performance and convenience, its battery offers the most comprehensive safety components on the market. It lasts up to an hour -depending on rider weight/speed- and is enclosed in a corrosion protected, IP67 waterproof housing that allows it to be transported and installed safely. The battery is also easily replaceable and rechargeable. Just plug it in and go.


Battery Features

    • Battery Management System (BMS) with Redundant Safety Features.
      The battery is equipped with a BMS that protects the battery against overcharging, overcurrent, excess voltage, deep discharge, short-circuit and overheating. In addition, all safety-related components contain a duplicate backup system.
    • Waterproof. 
      The battery is fully submersible to IP67 standards keeping the internal components protected from moisture and corrosion.
    • High Energy Density. 
      The battery lasts approximately one hour riding at 15 mph.
    • Easily Interchangeable and Rechargeable. 
      Recharge time is 2.5 hours. Just plug it in and go.
    • Weight: 30 lbs.

With complete control in the palm of your hands, you can easily adjust your speed for an effortless, smooth ride. By simply pressing the throttle you can go up to 25 miles per hour or automatically shut off the engine by releasing the lever. Rich content such as speed and battery charge percentages are displayed on the screen. Lift Foils waterproof controller also floats and comes with a strap to keep it secured to your hand.


Wireless Features

    • Wireless Bluetooth Technology. 
      We created a hand controller that gives you complete control over your ride. Every time you press the lever, the controller gives a wireless signal to the board. The motor then reacts instantaneously to adjust your speed.
    • Magnetic Actuator. 
      The trigger uses magnets and a hall effect sensor to control throttle actuation leaving the internal components sealed and completely waterproof.
    • Safety. 
      The hand controller commands the motor. The motor will automatically shut off by simply releasing the lever; if submerged in water; or outside a distance of 10 feet.
    • Display Screen. 
      Speed and battery charge percentages are displayed on the screen.
  • Automatic Power Regulation. 
    In the event of a low battery, the controller will automatically throttle you back to a low power setting allowing you to get back to shore safely.

Lift Foils motor was designed to be an extension of you. Unlike gas engines, electric motors have no lag and deliver maximum torque on command. This instant response allows you to have complete control over the motor. There is no delay from rider input to motor output making your ride not only safer, but exhilarating.



  • Motor Controller. 
    A Computer runs the electric motor.  We programmed it to set the perfect accelerations, decelerations and speed outlets so you get the most stability out of your ride.
  • Silent Electric Motor. 
    Lots of energy in a compact space allows you to travel swiftly through the water without the irritant noise created by gas engines.
  • Submersible in Water. 
    Every component is double sealed against the elements and uses high-end corrosion resistant materials.
  • Hydrodynamic Torpedo Design. 
    Pierces through the water smoothly with minimal drag.
  • Ducted Propeller. 
    Lift Foils ducted propeller offers the best thrust to energy ratio over a variety of speeds. This helps conserve battery power and maximizes thrust for an exhilarating ride.

Lift set out nine years ago to create the best foils on the market. The knowledge gained from designing numerous foils through refinement and innovation pioneered the new smooth, easy to use hydrofoil featured in the Lift eFoil. It strikes the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability so you can lean, carve, and edge with ease. A unique feeling that combines the sensations of surfing and flying all in one.

You can visit their website to place your order.

Below is a mini-documentary of Lift eFoil



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