Media column: It’s time for sports broadcasters to travel again, plus the Dave Kaval situation

Most of 2020 was about the unknown and exercising caution, and that stretched into this year. For televised sports, that meant lengthy hiatuses followed by games played in empty stadiums with the participants undergoing regular COVID-19 testing while following strict protocols that separated them from the media and at times, even each other and their families.

Things look different now. Just check out the NBA playoffs, with arenas like Madison Square Garden rocking with some 15,000 in attendance. A’s president Dave Kaval posted a video from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas from Game 5 between the Minnesota Wild and Vegas Golden Knights in which the crowd seemed like it was close to full capacity (more on Kaval’s tweet later in the column).

But in some cases, broadcasters are still calling games remotely. On the surface, it seems like it could be a smart decision.


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