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Marvel’s Avengers Celebrates Ramadan With Free Ms. Marvel Skin

Crystal Dynamics is celebrating the end of Ramadan — known as Eid al-Fitr (which fittingly translates to “Festival of Breaking Fast”) — within Marvel’s Avengers. Along with wishing a blessed holiday to those who take part in it, the studio is giving away the Cosmos outfit for Ms. Marvel, the game’s Pakistani-American hero.

The Epic-tier free skin went live in the storefront on April 28 alongside the Asgardian Destroyer Thor costume. As it says on the marketplace, the Cosmos outfit will only be free for a limited time, and while Crystal Dynamics didn’t say exactly when it would go away, it will likely be available until the game’s next store update on May 5 (although Ramadan ends on May 1). The Avengers‘ Twitter account released a short video clip of the skin, letting players admire its purple and dark pink galactic hues in action.

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Ms. Marvel’s Disney+ show is still slated for June, which will probably be around the time the game gets an outfit inspired by said series. A prominent Avengers leaker also stated that Ms. Marvel is set to get two other skins in the future: one with her wearing civilian clothes and another that puts the stretchy hero in a Kree Stormranger suit.

Players are still waiting for more substantial content for the game. Even though Crystal Dynamics said that Lady Thor is coming, the team gave no release window. She-Hulk was reportedly in production and then pushed to align with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has only seemingly elongated the wait for more meaty content.

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