Michel’le was open and honest during the Feb. 27 episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’, when she revealed she wants lots of love in the morning — unfortunately for her, Stew wants to brush his teeth first.

The couples on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition have overcome a lot over the last few weeks, but Michel’le and her boyfriend Stew are still dealing with a major issue, which she revealed during an electric chair exercise on Feb. 27. Michel’le said she wants as many morning kisses and cuddles as she can get, but Stew thinks it’s gross to make-out with tongue before brushing his teeth.

It all started when Michel’le and Stew sat down in electric chairs, facing each other, and aired their personal grievances about their relationship. Stew said he’s trying to “do everything in [his] power…”, but before he could even finish, she sent an electrical current through his body. “Definitely the biggest is miscommunication and waking up in the morning,” Michel’le clapped back. “That’s huge to me! What’s the problem with waking up in the morning?”

Stew then explained that Michel’le “has this thing about wanting to tongue kiss me in the morning before I brush my teeth. I feel like I should brush my teeth before I kiss her. If there’s something wrong with that, then shock me all you want.” So that’s exactly what she did — she zapped him hard.

Then, they continued to argue over being intimate in the morning, as she revealed that Stew doesn’t even hug or hold her. She also made fun of the way he kisses (with no tongue) when he’s forced to be intimate in the morning.

And while this may be a big issue for Michel’le and Stew, their co-stars couldn’t believe this is what they were fighting about. In her confessional, Adjua said, “I don’t care how long we’ve been together, is he sticking his morning tongue in my mouth? Never!”

After Michel’le made fun of Stew’s kissing technique during the morning, Joseline Hernandez and Balistic laughed. And no one had anything to say about Michel’le’s complaint. That is until after it was over. Once the exercise was done, Joseline approached Stew and tried convincing him to “tongue kiss” Michel’le right there in the kitchen, but he wouldn’t do it. She told him that she and her boyfriend often makeout in bed in the morning — before they brush their teeth — but that didn’t change his mind either. Stew refused to kiss Michel’le.

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