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Marlon Wayans Reveals The Advice He Gave Will Smith After The Slap, And His Honest Thoughts About The Jada Pinkett Of It All

While it’s a month since the Academy Awards aired, the conversation surrounding the event hasn’t slowed down. This is all due to the ongoing drama surrounding Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock on national television, which led to him being banned from the ceremony for a decade. And Marlon Wayans recently revealed the advice he gave Smith after the slap, and his honest thoughts about the Jada Pinkett of it all. 

Marlon Wayans and Will Smith have a personal relationship, recently bonding over their quest to get back in shape after rocking Dad bods. During a recent appearance on Big Boy TV, Wayans revealed the interactions he’s had with both Smith and Chris Rock since the Oscars happened. He began speaking about the advice he gave to the King Richard actor, saying:

I was like, ‘Hey brother you may want to go get you about three hours of therapy. 15 hours this week, you need to sit down with a therapist and have a long talk. Something is going on with you.’ And that wasn’t him. See, I don’t have that kind of pressure. He’s been Black excellence for 30 years, I’ve been Black alrightness, ain’t too much pressure. People expect me to do dumb stuff, but him? Nah, not Will.


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