Marjorie Taylor Greene replies to decade-old Dr Oz tweet, telling him to ‘come back home’ from 2012 Switzerland trip

Twitter users were baffled after Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene replied to a decade-old tweet from Dr Mehmet Oz, demanding that the doctor-turned-politician “come back home” from Switzerland “asap.”

In fact, Dr Oz came home about 10 years ago. The tweet was from 2012, when he was in Davos for that year’s World Economic Forum.

“I’m having a wonderful time at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland,” the TV doctor wrote on 26 January, 2012. “Such a beautiful country.”

Ten years later, Ms Greene was outraged.

“What are you doing there?” the Georgia Republican demanded. “Yeah Switzerland is a beautiful country, but joining the Economic Forum is 100% AGAINST America First. You should board a plane asap and come back home.”

Observers of the one-way argument were perplexed.

“Does she know Oz’s tweet was [from] 2012?” tweeted Ron Filipkowski, a former federal prosecutor and political commentator, attaching a screenshot of the long-delayed tweet.

Minutes later, it disappeared.

“Obviously, she didn’t [know],” Mr Filipkowski wrote. “Because she already deleted it. Screen shots are forever, though.”

Others were equally bewildered.

“I’m honestly curious HOW she made that mistake,” one reader wrote. “It’s not like you can just randomly stumble on a tweet from ten years ago. You have to dig hard to find that.”

“To be fair, Marjorie thinks we’re currently living in 1942,” another pointed out.

“I, too, pretend it’s 2012, when I had no idea MTG existed,” someone else tweeted.

Dr Oz is currently running in Pennsylvania’s Republican primary for Senate. In a major coup, he received Donald Trump’s endorsement, but the choice outraged many of the MAGA faithful. Even some of Mr Trump’s staunchest supporters have refused to accept Dr Oz as a true member of their movement, citing his past positions on abortion, trans rights, and other issues.

Ms Greene, one of the former president’s fiercest allies in Congress, made it clear her loyalty does not extend to Dr Oz.

“Talk to REAL Americans and learn what serving THEM in the US Senate would mean IF they elect you,” she commanded the candidate.

The Independent has reached out to Ms Greene’s office for comment.


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