Love rats tell partners they're busy at allotment, trainspotting and paddling canoes


A poll of love rats unearthed some bizarre alibis used by these cheaters to cover up their unfaithful escapades

40 cheaters said they claimed they were trainspotting
40 cheaters said they claimed they were trainspotting

Some love rats certainly know their onions when it comes to dreaming up whoppers to cover their cheating.

They tell partners they’re digging at their allotment while jig-jigging instead.

And others confess to spinning a railway line by telling loved ones they’re off trainspotting, a poll reveals.

The really adventurous invent canoeing weekends with pals while they’re off canoodling.

But the most common lie was going on a “work trip” with a quarter of cheaters admitting to it in gambling site ’s poll of 2,000 men.

That was closely followed by “watching ­football” (18%) when they’re actually playing away with a lover.

5% of respondents to the poll told partner’s they were at the allotment


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Working late, rounds of golf, darts matches and visiting family were also popular covers for affairs.

But the rarer excuses – by 100 allotment diggers, 40 trainspotters and another 40 canoe paddlers – left staff at freebet staff gobsmacked, said spokesman Tim Agnew.

“We expected work trips and attending sports events like a big football match to be used as excuses by men cheating on their partners,” he added.

“But going trainspotting or tending to a vegetable patch at an allotment is a new one on us.

“Who would question either?”

What excuses have you used to hide your cheating?

  • Work trip – 26%
  • Watching football – 18%
  • Working late – 15%
  • Playing golf – 10%
  • Visiting family – 6%
  • Going to the allotment – 5%
  • Collecting a parcel – 2%
  • Trainspotting – 2%
  • Canoeing – 2%
  • Darts – 2%

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