Between the steamy romance scenes and whimsical ballroom dances on Bridgerton, you may have noticed an iconic color appear throughout the hit Netflix show — Wedgewood Blue. This pretty pale color is popularized from English Jasperware stoneware developed in the 18th century, which is when Bridgerton takes place. It stands out in every episode and is considered the signature color for all the established members of the Bridgerton family, which was an intentional decision from behind the scenes. Production designer Will Hughes-Jones told Town & Country how the show’s historic and rich family became synonymous with this soft, creamy blue. “The Bridgerton house for me is like being inside a piece of Wedgwood ceramic. It’s that beautiful, beautiful soft blue and lots of creams,” he said. It makes sense given how the color appears on everything from furniture to curtains to cast members in nearly every scene.

If the show has inspired you to incorporate Wedgewood Blue into your home, there’s no shortage of decor in this shade to choose from. There’s basic dinnerware, carpets, bedding, and lots more options sold in this particular British style. Transform your home into the set of Bridgerton with these 15 decor pieces in Wedgewood Blue!



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