Koby Altman stood under the bleachers inside UNLV’s Cox Pavilion three years ago and explained all the reasons why he didn’t want to embark on a full-scale teardown with the Cavaliers.

“The years where you’re non-competitive aren’t fun,” Altman said during the NBA’s Summer League in the days after LeBron James left for Los Angeles. “And I know it’s hard to build a culture that way. … To go the complete opposite direction (of winning) is not fun and it’s hard. It’s hard to sort of come out of that. And the unknown is really daunting to me.”

It was perhaps one of Altman’s most honest moments in four years now as the Cavs general manager and it stood in stark contrast to his performance Friday when he spent an hour taking a victory lap for the last three years of losses.

“The future is really, really bright,” Altman said Friday.



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