Living Room Wall Art

Just as the heart symbolizes love. Similarly, the living room symbolizes love as well. Being the first room you see when you enter the house, it is usually decorated with the things the family loves the most – paintings, pictures, accessories, ornaments. As the receiving room for visitors, it sets the mood of the home and reflects the personality of its owners. It is also a space where family members spend time together to relax, share stories, and create memories.

The living room is arguably the most important in the house when it comes to decorating. It is the room where you entertain guests and loved ones, and it is where families tend to spend the bulk of their at-home time together after the kitchen. 

The parlor, or “death room,” was an important part of funerary rituals for most of the 19th century, the place where deceased family members were laid out for final respects. Soon, by end of World War I, most Americans will receive their health care in doctor’s offices and hospitals and most funerals will take place in funeral homes. As the funeral “parlor” came into vogue, the home parlor was rechristened a “living room.”

Before the late 19th century, this space of a house was called a ‘parlor’. The term parlor was derived from a French verb”parloir” or “parler”,’ which means ‘to speak’. The term was given to space because it was mainly a place for sitting and talking to various people. They may be the members of the family or guests. The function of this space was to carry out various formal or informal social functions of the house. With the advent of the term ‘living room’, the use of the term ‘parlor’ was out of trend. Today, the living room still serves the same purpose as most families receive their guests in this room and converse with them. Aside from the dining area, most families also gather in the living room to converse or just spend time together. Thus, it is also referred to as the sitting room.

Art is incredibly powerful and essential to great design. Large-scale, statement-making wall art deserves a room that honors its arresting power. it is always advisable to design around the art, finding inspiration in its themes, colors, shapes, and patterns. However, you have to be careful when selecting your wall art. The size is particularly important when it comes to devising a focal point. For instance, if the art is too small, it will struggle to make an impression on the surrounding furniture. On the other hand, a piece that’s too large will dominate the room and be too much of a distraction. This is why you need to get the balance right.

There is no specific dimension to what is being known as the right size of wall art. Rather, the right size is judged when the size of the art itself compliments the space available on the wall. Large living rooms usually equal lots of blank wall space (hardly any rooms have windows or doors on all sides) and these large, unbroken spaces can appear imposing and stark when not handled correctly. If you’re wondering how to decorate a large living room wall, an effective solution is to get your art from Elephant stock online art gallery it is one of the best art galleries that boast exquisite collections of the large canvas either a single frame or multiple frames or another piece of wall art. Their large painting, print, or photograph will create a grand focal point in your space, frame a fireplace or sofa wall perfectly, and add personality to your room.

Elephant Stock living room wall art is one of the studio tricks for decorating a large living room because sourcing art pieces that work with the proportions of the room is key. You can search easily from the comfort of your home through their collections by color, shapes, size, designs, or by the artist. Their canvas is made of 100% premium quality materials, and products are delivered promptly to your doorstep without hassle or delay, and not just that products are delivered stretched and in a safe pristine package. You can check their exciting offers on discounts and promos, also you can check if you are eligible for free shipping.

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