Liverpool v Wolves: FA Cup third round – live

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Back underway! Liverpool 1-1 Wolves

So can Liverpool capitalise on the momentum they claimed back just before half time? Or can Wolves get back in the lead to take the win?

“Nunez is in double figures for the season,” Niall says. “He’s a bit hit and miss for sure but on the list of Liverpool’s problems he’s not even near the top.” So where do the problems lie? A lack of midfield signings?

“There are two types of football fan,” Nick says. “Those who think Nunez is another Andy Carroll, and those who know about football.” Nunez has had a good game so far in my opinion but it seems he has a long way to go to prove his doubters wrong.

Here’s the Alisson error:

And Nunez’ equaliser:

And Zuni has said: “Klopp’s stubborn attachment to the same old tired players “the strongest team” is a joke. Play the so called second string and you will have as much grit and enthusiasm as Brentford last week.”

Well despite Nunez equalising for Liverpool the love has not poured in, in fact it’s the opposite. Kari has said: “It probably says something about Darwin Núñez that the most clinical finish of his Liverpool career went in off his shin.”

Half-time: Liverpool 1-1 Wolves

What a half! Liverpool had all the early possession and seemed to be dominating but a blunder from Alisson gifted Guedes and Wolves a goal. The visitors were then on top for the rest of the half until Nunez struck to equalise. It’s all to play for in the second 45.

Howler: Liverpool's goalkeeper Alisson Becker reacts after making a mistake that allowed Wolverhampton Wanderers' Portuguese striker Goncalo Guedes to score
Howler: Liverpool’s goalkeeper Alisson Becker reacts after making a mistake that allowed Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Portuguese striker Goncalo Guedes to score Photograph: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty Images

45 + 1 min: Anfield is in full voice now and there are three minutes added.

45 + 1 min: Liverpool counter really well and Alexander-Arnold puts it on a plate for him. He takes a one touch finish and easily beats Sarkic.

GOAL! Liverpool 1-1 Wolves (Nunez, 45)

Well what were you saying about Nunez?

Darwin Nunez celebrates after scoring the team's first goal
Darwin Nunez celebrates after scoring the team’s first goal Photograph: Naomi Baker/Getty Images

45 min: Lembikisa takes it short but Liverpool manage to deal with it. Alisson has a goal kick and he puts it straight out of play, not the keeper’s night tonight.

44 min: Neves puts in another fantastic pass to Guedes but Alexander-Arnold blocks a shot twice. But here come Wolves again, Traore finds Jimenez and they win a corner.

42 min: Liverpool are building here, trying to find their equaliser. Alexander-Arnold tries to find Fabinho but Wolves disrupt. Julian has got in touch to ask: “A question to any Wolves supporters reading the MBM…. Why have Wolves changed from the famous ”old gold” shirts of yore in favour of bog-standard yellow They look more like Watford/Dortmund these days.”

40 min: Liverpool are trying to find the early momentum they had but since Wolves scored they have had the upper hand. Traore is so close with their latest shot! He crosses across goal which is inches away from Jimenez.

38 min: While Henderson is down, let’s check in with a Liverpool supporter to see their thoughts. “This is becoming embarrassing,” Colum says. “The comedy factor for neutrals and not-so-neutrals must be off the scale. Nunez’s ability to miss barn doors and now Allison’s risible effort. I suppose a howler was inevitable against Wolves.” Henderson is back to his feet and he will remain on the pitch.

36 min: Neves puts in a great pass and it’s threaded to Traore but Konate does well to defend despite conceding a corner. Ait-Noure takes the corner but Robertson blocks the kick. Gakpo does well to start an attack but Henderson is cropped in the midfield and falls to the floor. It takes a while, and a Guedes shot, until play is stopped for the player to be seen to.

34 min: Traore manages to keep a tricky ball in play but Alisson puts Liverpool on their way. Nunez does well on the edge of the box but Collins does well to get rid of the threat. David has got in touch and said: “Liverpool’s defence and now their keeper have been a mess all season, but somehow the focus has been on Nunez’s lack of goals? They are having a terrible season and Nunez is the least of their problems.” It’s a fair point.

32 min: Nunez makes a good run and crosses, it seems to have too much on it but Robertson keeps it in play. It comes to Henderson who launches it in the air and out of play.

30 min: Alexander-Arnold tries to find Robertson but has too much on it, Konate does his best to keep it in play but it is out for a goal kick. Wolves are on the hunt for their second now but Jimenez can’t be found on the edge of the box.

29 min: I honestly can’t believe how poor that was, I’m going to try and find a clip. Alexander-Arnold tries to find an immediate equaliser but Sarkic collects. Liverpool have a free kick now, they will look to strike back and save some face.

27 min: Wolves have two chances and Alisson stops both but then the keeper tries to play it out the back and passes straight to Guedes! The forward taps home and that is a huge error!

GOAL! Liverpool 0-1 Wolves (Guedes, 26)

A howler from Alisson!

Goncalo Guedes celebrates scoring their first goal with Rayan Ait-Nouri
Goncalo Guedes celebrates scoring their first goal with Rayan Ait-Nouri Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters

24 min: Nunez is ran out of his own half and forced to go back to Alisson, Liverpool manage to work it back upfield and Salah pings it into the box. Matip wins a corner for Liverpool and the hosts are playing some tasty interlink play right now. Alexander-Arnold takes the set piece but Wolves head away.

22 min: Neves is okay to continue but the star was down for a prolonged period so we may see him subbed earlier than expected. When play gets back underway there seem to be appeals for handball as it looks as though Traore touched the ball but nothing is given.

20 min: Nunez has a shot and he attempts a bicycle kick but Wolves manage to disrupt. Neves is currently down with any injury so there’s a slight break in play. While we see if he is okay let’s have some more Nunez chat: “A lot of talk about Nunez’s misses,” Matthew says. “Admittedly, he is one of the most chaotic footballers I’ve ever seen. But does everyone remember Suarez’s first full season? He set a record for the number of times he hit the post. He had some weird misses. Then, the next season, he scored absolutely everything. I’m not saying Nunez will necessarily go the same way. But there’s a precedent. Norwich better look out next season.”

18 min: Wolves have gained some momentum from those positive few minutes. But Liverpool are quickly back in possession, Gakpo tries to get it in the box but Neves heads away. Alexader-Arnold again attempts to cross but Sarkic collects.

16 min: The ball was pinged forward, looking to find Traore but it has too much on it. Matip then has a loose pass which is shut down by Guedes but the Wolves player can’t quite fire off a shot. Wolves have come alive! They get in the box but the ball isn’t struck well.

14 min: There’s a lot of messages coming in about Nunez, the latest from Jeff said: “Let’s see how many opportunities Nunez missed today?!” So far his teammates haven’t quite found him but he has been in good positions. Right now Wolves are trying to get a hold into the match but it is all Liverpool. But hang on, Wolves have won a free kick!

12 min: Traore had a great position there, a bouncing ball came Alisson’s way and the Wolves man almost pounced. Liverpool get it in their box and Salah almost wrestles the ball off of Jonny but the player manages, just, to keep it. Joe Pearson has got in touch and said: “Given that I am an old man, and am routinely waking up at 5:30 am for no good reason, I might actually have a nap while listening to the match in the background. Forgive me, Jurgen.” I think he’ll forgive you.

10 min: Ait-Noure takes the corner but it has too much on it and doesn’t find a teammate. Up the other end Sarkic doesn’t find his teammate and it goes out of play, putting Liverpool in a good attacking position. They run it back to Alisson though and will build from deep.

8 min: Robertson loses the ball in a dangerous spot but Jimenez can’t be found in the box, that was close to an opener. Possession exchanges hands and then Robertson gets a good ball to Nunez whose shot is at the keeper. Konate concedes a corner.

6 min: Salah takes the free kick and he rockets it towards goal but it sails over the bar. Liverpool have taken this game by the scruff of the neck now, Wolves make a mistake as Hodge kicks it out of play and Liverpool again are on the hunt. Alexander-Arnold gets the ball in the box and he finds Gakpo. The new signing gets a shot on target but the keeper collects.

4 min: Liverpool are being patient on the ball and are slowly building, Wolves are trying to press them but it’s not too aggressive. Henderson finds Gakpo as the hosts edge closer to goal, Jonny tackles Salah on the edge of the box and Liverpool have a free kick. Wolves lucky that was just outside, it would have been a penalty.

2 min: A steady start from both sides so far, neither getting the majority of possession.

Kick-off! Liverpool 0-0 Wolves

Here we go then! The final FA Cup match of the day is underway.

Liverpool fans display a banner
Liverpool fans display a banner Photograph: Naomi Baker/Getty Images

The players will be out on the pitch shortly, will the holders get their title defence off to the perfect start? Or will they be the first defending champions to be knocked out at this stage since 2018?

League One side Sheffield Wednesday are still leading Newcastle United 2-1 and are into six added minutes. Catch all the updates here:

Wolves manager Julen Lopetegui has made it clear he isn’t happy this week, saying: “I don’t understand how we play in one competition with two days’ less [preparation] than the opponent. Maybe one day [less preparation], it can happen. But two days, it is a lot. It is a big difference for us. They have two days’ recovery more. I am sorry but I don’t understand this.” Read the full piece:

“Evening, Sarah,” Ian Copestake says. “Have got my Darwin bingo card ready to toast each miss as it happens. May as well enjoy it until his radar is back from the shop.” He may be on firing form today, we will find out in 20 minutes time.

New Liverpool signing Cody Gakpo is in the mix today, making his debut. Klopp said of his new player: “Of course, with our situation, injuries with the strikers as well, it’s really nice to have a guy on the pitch who obviously is pretty natural in a lot of things. [He gets] the offensive part of the game and knows where the goal stands. That’s always very helpful. He’s obviously full of joy, enjoying each second in the moment. So that’s very good.”

Some other matches have concluded in the FA Cup. West Ham beat Brentford 1-0, Wrexham defeated Coventry United 4-3, Luton town and Wigan Athletic ended 1-1 so that will have a replay and Grimsby Town won 1-0 against Burton. Sheffield Wednesday have gone 2-1 up against Newcastle – what an upset that would be – with under 20 minutes to go.

There has been a lot of action in the competition already today and here are some reports from the stadiums to catch up on ahead of this kick-off:

Get in touch and let me know what you’re doing with your Saturday! You can reach me on Twitter, @rendellx, or via email.

Sheffield Wednesday are currently playing Newcastle with the score 1-0 in the hosts favour after 58 minutes. My colleague Luke McLaughlin is taking you through that one if you want to get all the action before Liverpool gets underway at 8pm:

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp had his say on Virgil van Dijk’s injury in his press conference for the Wolves match. He said: “It was a surprise for us and a big blow. The diagnosis was pretty harsh. We talk about weeks, more than a month. It’s a muscle thing – nothing different to say – it was one sprint too much in that moment. For Virgil, it is hard for him but he played an incredible amount of games over the last years and we cannot use him on the pitch, only off the pitch, and we will do that. He never had an issue with muscles before and it just now happened. That’s how it is. We did nothing different.”

Klopp and Van Dijk
Klopp and Van Dijk Photograph: David Blunsden/Action Plus/REX/Shutterstock

Wolves have made a huge eight changes from their 1-1 draw to Aston Villa, including a change of goalkeeper with Sarkic starting.

Liverpool have made four changes from their 3-1 defeat to Brentford with new signing Cody Gakpo getting his debut at Anfield. Jordan Henderson also returns from his side-lining with concussion.

A Reds debut for Cody Gakpo 😍

Here’s how we line up to take on Wolves in the #EmiratesFACup tonight 👊

— Liverpool FC (@LFC) January 7, 2023


Hello and welcome to our coverage of Liverpool’s FA Cup tie against Wolves. The match rounds off the day’s action which has seen a lot of twists and turns. Burnley overcame Bournemouth, Blackpool smashed Nottingham Forest and Chesterfield came close to knocking out West Brom. Could the game at Anfield through up more shocks?

Liverpool are not having the best season and do look out of sorts from their form in the last few years but it would still be a slight upset if they were knocked out by Wolves this evening. Jurgen Klopp’s side will have to overcome their opponents without Virgil van Dijk after it was confirmed the star will be out for over a month with a hamstring issue – more on that later.

The team news will be out shortly so we will see who Klopp selects at centre-back in his place. Stay tuned for all the updates ahead of kick-off at 8pm.


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