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Lilo & Stitch’s Director Opens Up About Sequels, The Planned Live-Action Movie, And His Thoughts On Making A Sequel Today

In the years since Lilo & Stitch was released, the movie has not only become a beloved Disney classic, it has also become a major franchise for the House of Mouse. There were three direct-to-video sequels, a Disney Channel series, a Japanese anime and a Chinese animated series. The character also has a significant presence in Disney Parks across the globe, and there are reportedly plans to adapt the original film to live action. As Lilo & Stitch celebrates 20 years since its release, co-writer/director Dean DeBlois shared his thoughts on the future of the blue alien who befriended a Hawaiian girl. 

When CinemaBlend exclusively spoke with Dean DeBlois about Lilo & Stitch, the Disney filmmaker reflected on why he and Chris Sanders were never inspired to return for a sequel themselves. DeBlois said this: 

I think we were just excited to do something new [after Lilo & Stitch] and I think Chris [Sanders] feels the same way I do, which is that I’ve never been a fan of sequels. When I was asked to come up with sequel ideas for How To Train Your Dragon, my initial response was reluctance. And then I said, well, if you’re going to entertain the idea of a sequel, then I would pitch doing a trilogy so we could make it three acts of one story and give them purpose and make it part of a larger design. So, I think my goal is to never rush into a sequel unless I feel like there’s real demand for it. And so I guess to answer your question, not really, like it hasn’t really come up and I think that they’re working on a live action version, which will be kind of interesting to see what happens with that. I know it’s a moneymaker for Disney and they are probably keen on exploring and exploiting it, but I think as far as the story we wanted to tell, we were pretty satisfied with how it concluded.


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