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Lightyear Reviews Have Arrived, Check Out What Critics Have To Say About The New Pixar Adventure

Audiences are likely more than ready to go “to infinity and beyond,” as Pixar returns to the big screen this weekend with the premiere of Lightyear. The origin story of space ranger Buzz Lightyear — on which the Toy Story action figure is based — stars Chris Evans as the titular character, alongside a capable cast that includes Uzo Aduba, Keke Palmer, James Brolin, Taika Waititi and Peter Sohn — who voices Sox, the character everyone was talking about in their first reactions to the screening. Now critics’ reviews are out, so what did they think of the movie overall?

The first reactions to Lightyear sounded pretty promising, with most the movie’s early audiences praising the to-be-expected phenomenal animation. Buzz’s robotic cat sidekick Sox also had everyone buzzing, and I think we can all expect to see that merchandise popping up everywhere! There were a few notes on the strength of the plot, however, so let’s get to the reviews, starting with CinemaBlend’s review of Lightyear. Mike Reyes rates the movie 3.5 stars out of 5, saying the spinoff honors and enhances its timeless character in an excitingly fresh manner:

It’s a little bit rocky at the start, as the proper tone takes a little while to be set into motion. Once Lightyear finds its lane, it doesn’t stop, zooming straight through an adventure dealing with true blue hero stuff. While it may not reach infinity, the finished story absolutely goes beyond what one could have expected. By time I had reached the ending, I was already excited to see where the sequels could go, grinning at the final shot as if it was my first time watching Toy Story.


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