Knicks had systemic failure in Game 3 loss to Hawks, but here is what they must fix to recover in series

There has been so little soothing for the Knicks in these playoffs, only three games long but graying them by the minute. It has been an assault on their senses. A point guard they can’t touch. A series they can see slipping away. An arena they heard growing louder and louder as their deficit ballooned.

In Game 3, they were awash in stimuli and overrun without a response. Their 105-94 loss felt so much worse, the kind of beating they have avoided most of the season. It was, from the second quarter on, a wipeout. The Knicks were caught in a tide, a 22-3 run to close out the half, and capsized under it.

There were no answers for Trae Young, again. He has been a certainty in this first round, a metronome of greatness from night to night.

If only that was the problem for them. There is a simplicity in a star’s brilliance; one team has him and the other does not.


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