TOKYO – Kia’s new EV6 electric crossover will embody the brand’s new “Opposites United” design language, a fresh, modern look that plays with melding contrasts.

The goal is moving beyond the “simplicity of the straight line,” global design chief Karim Habib said, adding that Kia styling needs to evolve with the brand’s upmarket shift.

Kia outlined the design overhaul Monday in South Korea, while revealing the first full images of the exterior and interior of the EV6, which is expected to be launched by the end of the month.

Habib said the design revamp is a holistic approach that looks at the image, presentation and function of everything from the front grille and logo to the glovebox and even the dealership. As part of Kia’s global brand relaunch in January, for example, the company has introduced a new logo.



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