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Keanu Reeves Had A One-Word Review Of Dune

It’s been a month since Denis Villeneuve’s Dune hit HBO Max and theaters, and the new film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 science fiction novel can seemingly do no wrong. The film quickly made a name for itself as a masterful work of art, and the Dune we all deserve. While high praise is coming from all directions, possibly one of the best remarks comes from John Wick star Keanu Reeves. And he had a simple one-word review of the recent film. 

If there really was a title for most interesting man alive, Keanu Reeves would certainly be in the running for the crown. The man is a never-aging enigma who seems to make everything he is involved in 10 times cooler. So when he only has one word to describe something, you pretty much know that word is going to hold some serious value. In an interview for his cover issue of Esquire, Reeves has this short and sweet review of Dune:



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