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Keanu Reeves Deepfake Account Is So Good It Has Fans Wondering If It’s Really The Actor

Deepfake technology has come a long way in the last few years. It was impressive (if mildly creepy) how well it worked originally, but now it can be legitimately difficult to tell when you’re looking at a deepfake if it’s real or not. And it turns out that when it comes to one particular Keanu Reeves deepfake, it can be difficult to tell even if you know the truth.

The TikTok account Uureal_Keanu is a series of videos that appear to show Keanu Reeves doing fairly mundane things around the house, which, if it were real, would probably still get millions of views. The account is seeing millions of views, even though it isn’t actually Keanu Reeves, and while people technically know this, many people are still surprised, while others appear to be genuinely fooled.

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