Homophobia literally blew up in the face of a group of bigots when their boat caught on fire after they allegedly harassed a family for flying Pride flags.

On Monday, the Twitter user @retro_ushi_ reported that he was boating with his brother and his brother’s partner in Washington over the Memorial Day weekend when they were verbally assaulted over their LGBTQ+ and Trans Pride flags. He alleged that a group of strangers pulled up to their boat on Moses Lake and suddenly began “racing around us and shouting gay slurs.”

Accompanying video uploaded to TikTok shows a female occupant of the other vessel — a blue, Supreme towboat — flipping off the camera as the user’s brother reportedly records the altercation.

Recounting the incident to BuzzFeed News, the Twitter user, who was identified mononymously as Robbie to protect his family’s privacy, noted that the harassers continued to circle their boat at least six times. When the other group noticed their actions were being filmed, Robbie said they “attempted to speed away as they left a large cloud of smoke surrounding the area we occupied.”

As the assailants attempted to flee the scene, fate struck in a big way: Their boat began to catch on fire. “Karma is real,” Robbie tweeted.

“After a moment, we heard a loud backfire and a sputter come from the boat,” he added in comments to BuzzFeed. “Though I could not see the boat in the direction, I could see a cloud of black smoke rising quickly.”

Following an “incredibly loud explosion,” its occupants abandoned ship as the boat increasingly became engulfed in flames. Continuing the comeuppance, they were forced to take refuge with the very individuals they had recently been assailing. In a caption on TikTok, Robbie said he and his family members “safely got them out of the water immediately” and helped them climb aboard.

“We were nicer than they were,” he added.

For those hoping tragedy would help the alleged homophobes see the error of their ways, that life lesson was reportedly not learned. Robbie tweeted that a male passenger sullenly vaped after being brought aboard, while the woman who had given them the finger before “screamed hysterically 75% of the time.”

Life, though, is its own best teacher. The final occupant of the abandoned craft “sat on the end of the boat because he’s embarrassed he literally shit his pants out of fear,” according to Robbie.



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