Even though it’s mid-August, the song of the summer is about to drop as Justin Timberlake and Lizzo have collaborated on a tune he says is ‘sick.’  Fans are going wild with anticipation.

The collaboration we never knew how much we desperately needed is happening, as Justin Timberlake is teasing a new song with Lizzo. The 38-year-old posted an Instragram video on Aug. 15 showing him in the studio dancing along with Lizzo on the sofa bopping along as her lines “get back, get back, get back” can be heart during a playback. Meek Mill, 32, was on hand for the listening or possible mixing session, as he’s in the frame seen blowing his nose.

As a result of Meek’s sniffles, Justin used it in the caption to write “Song so sick @meekmill catching a cold,” after initially writing “Lizzo flames, brb.” The interaction between Justin and Lizzo is so hyped up and they’re clearly loving how the tune turned out, yet poor Meek seems to be battling being sick. A fan even wrote in the comments “Is that dude beat boxing or blowing his nose?”

Fans of both Justin and Lizzo are so fired up for this collaboration. A man named Stephen was so excited with anticipation that he wrote “JT + L?! I may have just soiled myself a little. Yeah. I did.” Whoa! That’s pretty big for someone with a verified account to admit. Another fan added “Whatever you’re making I need to hear this immediately.” A fan named Mare wrote, “there has never been a more perfect combo!” Someone else noticed Meek’s blowing his nose and joked, “The guy in the back is allergic to the song 😂.”

Justin didn’t give details on when the song is going to drop, but he clearly got fans excited. His last major collab was with his 2018 hit with Country superstar Chris Stapleton “Say Something” from Justin’s Man of the Woods album. This song however sounds like it’s going to be a lot more upbeat and quite a bop.



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