MSNBC host Joy Reid said Wednesday that the still-undecided presidential election proves America is still fraught with racism and “anti-Blackness.”

Ms. Reid told colleague Rachel Maddow that the fact the election hasn’t been a blowout for Joseph R. Biden against President Trump like many had anticipated shows people, once again, “what America is at its base.”

“It’s aggravating,” she said. “And I do think it’s because we’ve been reporting for five years, Rachel, about Russia, about undermining our national security, the impeachment, the racism, the Nazis — all of it and then COVID laying on top of it felt like a repudiation was coming.

“And I think even though we intellectually understand what America is at its base, right?” she continued. “That there is a great amount of racism, anti-Blackness, anti-wokeness, this idea that political correctness is some sort of scheme to destroy White America, right? Like, we know what this country is, but still part of you — I think part of your heart says, ‘You know what, maybe the country’s going to pay off all of this pain.’

“As the night wore on, and I realized, and it sunk in, OK that’s not happening,” she added. “We are still who we thought, unfortunately. … It’s disappointing, and I emerge from this disappointed.”

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