Joe Biden heads to Ohio to speak to talk up economic policy as poll ratings sag – live

A reminder of the setbacks and tragedies that Biden has had to contend with in the past few weeks.

First the supreme court overturned abortion rights, expanded gun access and curbed the government’s ability to regulate greenhouses gasses. Then the Independence Day weekend was rocked by gun violence, including a mass shooting at a July 4 parade in Illinois that killed seven people and wounded more than 40.

A string of recent news reports suggest that even some of Biden’s allies are questioning his approach to these challenges. Meanwhile, a poll released yesterday showed that his approval rating is suffering badly, and voters are still most worried about inflation and the economy, rather than gun rights and abortion, two issues that Democrats hoped to could rally their base ahead of the midterms.

In Ohio today, Biden will highlight the continued benefits of the American Rescue Plan, a massive spending bill passed last year at the cost of $1.9 trillion that was intended to revitalize the economy after the downturn caused by Covid-19. The audience will be union workers at a high school in Cleveland, but whether his message reaches voters remains to be seen.

Key events:


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