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Jennifer Garner Got Randomly Sat Next To One Of Her Movie Husbands On A Plane, And They Obviously Took A Picture Together

While celebrities lead much different lives than the rest of us in many ways, most of them also have to do all the same normal life things that the rest of us do. As such, it’s not uncommon for people to have celebrity sightings at theme parks or other at normal places where people go like airports and stores. It often mean celebrities must go places in disguise if they want to avoid being noticed. We see pictures going viral of one of us regular people with a celebrity they met while just going about their lives. Through random chance, sometimes celebrities themselves have celebrity moments, as Jennifer Garner recently did when she ran into former on screen husband Edgar Ramirez.

Jennifer Garner played husband and wife in the Netflix movie Yes Day last year, so the two know each other well. But Garner was clearly surprised to discover when she got on an airplane recently that the person she was sitting next to was her former co-star. The actress posted a picture of the on screen couple to Instagram.  


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