Wrigley Field didn’t sound 40 percent empty. Perhaps our sense of hearing needs to be recalibrated after the eerie silence of pandemic baseball. But the crowd of 24,824 absolutely erupted on Monday afternoon when Javier Báez crushed a two-run homer that soared 455 feet over the center-field wall and onto the second-level roof of the batter’s eye, almost into the TV camera shed in the middle of the bleachers.

There’s going to be so much pent-up energy in Chicago this summer. Some dude tried to catch a Kris Bryant home-run ball in a cup of beer, which spilled onto Padres right fielder Wil Myers. The ball landed in the basket for another two-run homer off Chris Paddack, who walked off the mound in the fifth inning as Cubs fans clapped along to “Y.M.C.A.” blasting from the sound system.



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