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Jason Momoa Was Tired Of Getting Followed By Paparazzi In Italy… So He Got The Hells Angels To Hang With Him

Being famous has its benefits, but there are also downsides. For instance, if you’re an A-list Hollywood star, you can kiss being able to walk in public settings unnoticed goodbye unless you’re wearing some kind of elaborate disguise. Not only will random fans spot such celebrities, the paparazzi seize any opportunity to snap photos of them when they’re out in the world, and Jason Momoa found himself having to deal with this in Italy. It got bad enough that the Aquaman actor arranged for the local chapter of the Hells Angels to hang out with him.

A few days after he shared how he had to put a ridiculous scarf around his head just so he could visit the Spanish Steps in Rome without being bothered,  Jason Momoa showed off his special entourage during his visit to the Orange Tree Gardens on his Instagram Stories. He first set the stage by calling out some paparazzi who were giving him a hard time while following him around, saying:

Aloha. Just wanted to give a little shoutout to the fucking paparazzi. I know you’ve been all over my case, been following me everywhere. You know the one you are too, man. So a couple of you are nice, there’s one I want to say Aloha to. I’ll be at the Garden of Oranges, going there right now. Let’s hang out. I’ll see you soon, Dick.


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