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Jane Fonda Says Her Knees 'Got Weak' When She Met Co-Star Tom Brady, And I Feel Her On That

80 for Brady has one of the more unique casts out of the films on the 2023 movie schedule. Not only does it feature the titular all-star quarterback Tom Brady, it also features a quartet of actresses — Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sally Field and Rita Moreno — who have won and been nominated for many Academy, Tony and Emmy Awards. While I had assumed the leading ladies of this movie wouldn’t be starstruck because they have worked with some of the greatest actors and directors of all time, they couldn’t help but fawn over the football player, especially Jane Fonda. The actress recently opened up about working with Brady, and said meeting him made her knees go weak, and honestly, same. 

While at the premiere of 80 for Brady, via THR, the ladies of the cast talked about making the film with the NFL superstar. During the discussion, Fonda, who is a superstar in her own right, admitted she was “completely starstruck” by the Super Bowl champion. The actress recalled what it was like meeting the quarterback for the first time, as well as how much she loved working with him, explaining:

My knees actually got weak when he walked into my trailer. I’m in awe of that kind of skill. When somebody is the best in the world at what they do, you have to honor that and respect it. I was just awestruck.


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