Jan 6 hearing: Next date revealed as focus turns to Trump’s role in urging mob into Capitol riot

The Jan 6 committee will meet for its next public hearing a week from Tuesday, lawmakers have announced.

A short notice was posted on Twitter by the panel’s members late Tuesday afternoon. The news comes a week exactly since the last hearing of the riot committee featured the explosive testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, a high-ranking White House staffer.

The next hearing will focus on Donald Trump and his allies’ role in luring thousands of Mr Trump’s supporter to the nation’s capital for the day of the riot itself, members revealed in interviews over the weekend.

It will be another daytime meeting, meaning that the committee will still host at least one more public hearing after next Tuesday’s. The panel’s lawmakers have committed to holding their final hearing in prime time to allow more Americans to watch.

Last week’s hearing was called just hours before it was held, as a result of Ms Hutchinson coming forward after initial hearings began. The lawmakers on the committee have stated publicly that they will add hearings to their schedule as necessary should new witnesses come forward, something that Rep Adam Kinzinger confirmed on Sunday has happened since Ms Hutchinson’s showing last Tuesday.

Congressman Adam Schiff, another member, also confirmed the scope of the next hearing during his interview over the weekend with CBS’s Face the Nation.

“Our very next hearing will be focused on the efforts to assemble that mob” which attacked Congress after Donald Trump’s speech on the Ellipse concluded the day of January 6, Mr Schiff said.

The identity of a potential witness or witnesses for next Tuesday’s hearing have yet to be made public.

But Mr Schiff hinted that the committee was following new evidence gathered in recent days, as had Mr Kinzinger: “We are following additional leads. I think those leads will lead to new testimony.”


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