James Wiseman needed mid-December arthroscopic surgery, which stalled his Warriors return

James Wiseman had his initial meniscus surgery on April 15. Saturday is Jan. 15. That’s a nine-month gap, which is on the far end of the more cautious recovery and return-to-action timetable.

The Grizzlies played it safe with Jaren Jackson Jr.’s meniscus recovery a season ago. It’s an approach the Warriors have mentioned publicly in regards to Wiseman, who is built similarly. But Jackson was back in an NBA game before the nine-month mark. That time has now come and gone for Wiseman, and he still hasn’t been cleared for full contact.

What’s the explanation for the elongated recovery? Another previously unreported surgery was needed. Because of some minor-yet-persistent swelling, Wiseman needed a scope and cleanup in mid-December, flushing out some loose bodies, sources confirm, which slowed his anticipated comeback.

This isn’t an uncommon setback for a player returning from a meniscus repair. Back in 2013, after tearing and repairing his meniscus during the playoffs in April, Russell Westbrook seemed to be ready for October training camp. But a loose stitch in his knee had led to persistent swelling, even though the meniscus had been repaired properly. He needed an arthroscopic cleanup procedure, returning in November. In late December, he needed another one and returned in February, finishing the rest of the season strong.


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