'I've never mentioned Santa to my daughter – I don't want to tell her lies'

A mum has shared how she has decided to be honest with her two-year-old daughter about Santa Claus so the child never feels ‘left out’ if she doesn’t receive the same gifts as her friends

A mum and daughter near a Christmas tree
She’s never mentioned Father Christmas to her child (stock photo)

It’s a decision every parent has to make at some point – when to tell their little one(s) the truth about Father Christmas.

The ruse could go on for years without the kids discovering the truth, but would that be fair to them?

One mum has firmly decided that it’s not fair and as such has decided she will be honest with her two-year-old the truth about Santa Claus not existing and to this day has never mentioned him to her.

The parent, known only as Charlotte, opened up to Australian site to explain why she’d made the rather controversial decision and how her own childhood had played a big part in this.

She shared how as a child her friends had been given lavish gifts from Santa, while she didn’t receive the same and it always made her feel “forgotten”.

She doesn’t want to lie to her daughter about Santa (stock photo)


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She didn’t want her daughter to grow up feeling the same way if she couldn’t afford certain toys and presents.

“I never received anything that other children had. It really affected me and made me believe Santa had forgotten me,” she said.

“I don’t want my child to believe that. I want to be able to have an open and honest relationship with her. I don’t want her to feel left out.”

Charlotte also spoke about how she didn’t want to lie to her daughter after doing lots of reading on whether or not it’s good to be completely honest with your kids.

She had made up her mind before even giving birth that she wouldn’t lie to her child as she’d read it was better to be truthful.

Her daughter is still quite young to fully understand the idea of Santa, so Charlotte has made things easier by simply never mentioning his existence (or the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny).

The mum goes on to say that she doesn’t believe parents who do pretend Santa is real are actively harming their children, it’s more that she thinks honesty will be better in the long run.

She adds: “This Christmas, she will have presents and her stocking like everyone else, but instead of it being from Santa she will know that we got her those things.

“Hopefully by doing it that way she will understand that we work hard for her gifts and will have more appreciation rather than if some man had just given her them.”

Where do you stand on telling children the truth about Santa? Let us know in the comments below.

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