“What’s it like to be Garrett Temple living in the New York area right now, where the COVID-19 cases are spiking at a terrifying rate and the days of signing autographs for young Brooklyn Nets fans when you’re taking out the trash are temporarily over?”

“When might we see NBA basketball again, and will this 2019-20 campaign be salvaged?”

“What would it take for players to feel safe about returning, and will those initial games involve fans?”

“What’s the truth about player paychecks and the question of how much money they might miss out on if the situation doesn’t improve quickly?”

“Are the rumblings true that the playoffs could be held in a neutral location, perhaps somewhere like Las Vegas, rather than inside NBA arenas?”

“What was it like to learn that your teammates, including Kevin Durant, had tested positive?”

“What was your reaction to the unexpected ending of Kenny Atkinson’s career as Nets…



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