A pool house pub, an all-pink lounge room, priceless memorabilia, cases of vintage feathers, and a room entirely filled with shoes: Dita Von Teese‘s home has a lot going on. What it lacks, however, is seating. “There’s really nowhere comfortable to sit in this house,” the iconic burlesque performer said while offering Architectural Digest a wildly entertaining tour of her Los Angeles-set, English Tudor-style home, where she’s lived for five years.

Dita’s aesthetic, as you can imagine, is heavily inspired by trends of the ’30s and ’40s, and though it can at times feel like a museum with its many unusual objects and collector’s items, her home is also quite lovely, with several airy balconies and a vast backyard. Just, you know, don’t expect to sit anywhere. Because there’s a lot to process, please enjoy our in-depth look at her home tour video ahead.



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