The former Wagga MP, who was in a secret relationship with the premier Gladys Berejiklian while exploiting his position for private gain, faces further questioning from the anti–corruption body. Follow the latest developments and watch the live stream

12.21am BST

Maguire says the “drop in” meeting with Berejiklian would have lasted “two minutes”.

“I asked can we pop in [it] would have taken less than two minutes then we left,” he says.

I don’t recall if there was a personal assistant, a receptionist there, there may have been, I would have asked, I wouldn’t have just walked in … I can’t recall exactly what was said.

My recollection is we were there for probably less than two minutes, niceties were spoken, the premier knew Mr Alha from various functions and things that occurred.

12.15am BST

Robertson is pushing Maguire on the fact that Alha had previously requested a “site specific” meeting with Berejiklian. The premier had refused the meeting.

He’s pushing the former MP on the idea that this “drop in” meeting with Berejiklian had been the plan all along, and was a way to “skirt around ordinary processes”.

I wouldn’t put it that way but because of Mr Vellar’s willingness to meet I thought that would suffice.

Mr Alha was quite insistent in the lead up to the meeting … he wanted [a meeting] not just with the minister for planning but the premier as well, is that right?


When you were contemplating the meeting with Mr Alha you were contemplating … a drop in meeting with the Premier?

It might have crossed my mind.

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