Some games, such as modern warfare and Rust, make my screen go black when they are run in fullscreen mode. However, when I select a different window on another monitor like chrome, I can see the game clearly. I must run the games in windowed mode for them to work. I did not have this problem prior to changing my ram.

I have tried reinstalling gpu drivers.

I have tried reinstalling games. 

set voltage to 1.35 in bios as description says for the ram

motherboard description say compatible with ddr4 up to 3600mhz


motherboard: MSI Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON

GPU: nvidia 1070 ti

cpu: intel i7-6700k

old ram: XPG ADATA DDR4 2800mhz 16gb 8×2 cl17

new ram : Hyperx Predator 3000mhz DDR4 16GB cl15 8×2




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