The team at I am Horse Racing would like to introduce our newest endeavor, a series entitled “Vet’s Corner.” This new arm of our video and social media installments will focus on delving into many of the most common ailments, issues, and physical aspects associated with horses, sport horses, and racehorses.

We will gather the nation’s top minds to speak on specific conditions, providing a general yet well-researched overview of all things pertaining to the topic at hand, including what certain causes may be, how they are diagnosed and what treatments are often administered.

These videos are being made with the sole intention of providing the general public and interested fans with educationally-based explanations for many of the terms often heard throughout our sport, all from credible sources.

These videos will not only be shared but will continue to live on as an ever-present reference at

Enjoy the first installment of this series, Vet’s Corner: Colic with Dr. Emma Adam, outreach liason for the University of Kentucky’s Gluck Equine Research Center:



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