Dear Coleen

I don’t know how to get over the fact my daughter and her ex-boyfriend aborted my grandchild and afterwards she ended their relationship.

They’d been together for four years and I always thought they’d marry and settle down. Now I feel like my daughter has made the worst mistake ever, but she doesn’t see it.

She’s had advice from friends, but they never knew her ex at all. Now I don’t see her settling with anyone, which breaks my heart, as it’s what every parent wants for their child.

Woman and daughter talking
‘It breaks my heart’ (stock photo)

Coleen says

These were the right decisions for your daughter at the time. You might think her ex was perfect for her, but maybe there were issues you did not see.

It’s a hard thing as a parent to back off and stop parenting, but your grown-up kids have to learn their own life lessons and you have to be there when things go wrong, and to hold them and reassure them, but not to say: “I told you so”.

If your daughter is happy with those choices, then you should support her.

You wouldn’t want her to end up with this guy just because she’s trying to please you.



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