The immediate hysteria was expected. This might have been the last thing the Jets’ bruised and battered fan base wanted to hear.

Adam Gase is “part of the solution?”

Sam Darnold is still the “quarterback of the future?”

At no point did anything threaten to fracture Jets GM Joe Douglas’ despondent facade during his 30-minute midseason press conference on Tuesday. He sat in front of his computer, shoulders slumped, staring blankly into the other end of a Zoom call, trying to make sense of how the team he once believed was ready to turn a corner still hadn’t won a game. He didn’t do enough, he said. He failed.  He needed to be better.

And he’s right.

But that’s not what many wanted to hear.

The Jets aren’t just the league’s worst team. They’re an uncompetitive disaster nearing historical levels of ineptitude. That calls for change, not a vote of…



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