The Redskins received positive news with linebacker Reuben Foster last week, when the NFL announced it would not be suspending him next season, only fining him two game checks. With that news, Foster was taken off the commissioner’s exempt list and is eligible to participate in offseason activities as normal.

On the field, Foster offers rare athleticism at the linebacker position. It stands out immediately. He has the speed and range to make plays that not many can make, even on plays designed to put him in a bind.

Here, the Chiefs call a run-pass option (RPO), with Foster as the key for the quarterback. If Foster charges up to the line of scrimmage in run support, quarterback Pat Mahomes can pull the ball and throw the route behind him. On this occasion, Foster holds his position, so Mahomes hands off. The Chiefs don’t assign a blocker to Foster, because he’s meant to be effectively blocked by the read from Mahomes. But Foster has the athletic…



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