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How Jamie Lee Curtis Perfectly Honored Her Mother’s Psycho Role At Halloween Kills Premiere

Jamie Lee Curtis has horror in her blood. Not only did her rise to stardom start with Halloween, a franchise she has returned to more than once, but she’s the daughter of Janet Leigh, the star of one of the most famous horror films of all-time, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. And for the premier of Halloween Kills, she brought the two eras together and she looks perfect. 

Jamie Lee Curtis showed off her look for the Halloween Kills premier and fans of Psycho will know the look well. Or perhaps they won’t. Curtis, who is no stranger to costuming, decided to dress up as her mother’s character, Marion Crane, from Psycho. Of course, you probably haven’t seen the outfit in color, so you’re forgiven if it’s not instantly recognizable.  


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