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Chicago-based tech firm onShore Security is re-inventing how businesses handle security, privacy and other internet-related concerns. Founder and CEO Stel Valavanis started out as a developer at a market research company before opening his own software development firm. His knowledge, along with the many years of experience in writing software, have played a fundamental role in the growth of this company.

Valavanis acquired a wide assortment of talents, including an immense knowledge of media, which has been his key to success when growing his client base. The company’s biggest distinction from other competing tech security firms lies in its emphasis on originality. The firm prides itself on the fact that much of their software, even back-office systems, are written by employees, while many competitors continue to purchase pre-designed security tools and systems. In doing so, Valavanis is defying conventional wisdom and allowing his creative and innovative approach to problem solving and solution design to continue to blossom.

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