A pre-snap motion revolution has been brewing in the NFL over the past several years. Ever since Sean McVay and Andy Reid helped popularize the jet sweep at the professional level, fast-moving motions have become a symbol of NFL innovation. But this season, dizzying amounts of pre-snap movement aren’t just limited to a few creative systems. They’ve started infiltrating offenses led by mainstay play-callers and QBs who’ve rarely turned to them in the past.

For most of his career, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers seldom used pre-snap motion. During Mike McCarthy’s final season with the franchise in 2018, Green Bay used motion on just 30.2 percent of snaps — the third lowest rate in the NFL. This season, that number has jumped to 59.1 percent — the sixth highest rate in the league, and that shift has required a considerable adjustment for one of the best QBs in NFL history. Through Week 7, Rodgers and the Packers also ranked sixth in percentage of…



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