Many healthcare organizations are finding their resources stretched as they strive to improve patient experience, meet patient expectations, and address a changing reimbursement landscape. Enter Solutionreach, a Lehi, Utah-based healthtech startup and a provider of cloud-based tools to help healthcare providers improve patient relationship management. Yesterday, Solutionreach announced the launch of SR Health, an AI-enabled solution to solve patient engagement challenges for hospitals, health systems, and enterprise healthcare organizations.

SR Health’s AI-powered patient engagement solutions leverage Solutionreach’s 20 years of experience and data, including two billion interactions per year with more than 80 million patients throughout the U.S. to approach healthcare communications with ease and cohesiveness for both patients and providers regardless of the size of organization.

Founded in 2000 by Jim Higgins, Solutionreach is revolutionizing the healthcare experience for both providers and their patients. Through its market-leading patient relationship management platform, Solutionreach supports higher patient satisfaction and loyalty, greater efficiency, and ultimately, stronger healthcare organizations. Solutionreach partners with more than 25,000 provider organizations in numerous specialties.

“Despite their enormous footprint and impact on the health of our communities, healthcare enterprises are extremely underserved today when it comes to practical, real-world tools to engage their patients,” says Josh Weiner, CEO of Solutionreach. “Our mission with SR Health is to be a breath of fresh air in patient engagement for larger organizations by building upon our 20 years of market leadership and connecting patients to their providers across all healthcare specialties.”

Designed with enterprise healthcare providers in mind, the SR Health platform meets large organizations’ needs to control access and permissions for numerous departments and user roles. Administrators can create different roles to match functional teams (marketing, front desk, call center, etc.) and give users the appropriate levels of access. Tied with Solutionreach’s history of patient engagement such as the optimal timing and frequency of communications, this information will assist in optimizing outcomes, adhering to generational preferences in how patients communicate with their healthcare providers, and fueling SR Health as an emerging leader in large-scale personalized communications within healthcare.

“At Boston Children’s Hospital, we strive to create an optimal patient and family experience to accompany our world-renowned care,” says Kevin Pawl, Senior Director, Patient Access at Boston Children’s Hospital. “It was important to our team to find a partner that could deliver practical and effective solutions for timely communication. We are excited to collaborate with SR Health to help transform the patient and family communication experience.”

SR Health’s unique approach to patient engagement includes the ability for providers to create “flows” for a broad spectrum of patient communications. These flows meet patients’ and staff needs simultaneously by adhering to patient preferences for messaging channels (text, email, etc.) while saving time by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to efficiently handle routine interactions with patients more quickly. Communications related to scheduling (appointment confirmations, pre-visit instructions, recalls, etc.), care plans (post-visit surveys, education, etc.), ongoing outreach (marketing campaigns, review requests, etc.), and billing are easily customizable and configurable via the SR Health platform.

“While we continue to extend our leadership position among dental, vision, and independent medical practices, the launch of SR Health marks a re-dedication to solving patient engagement challenges for ALL patient-provider environments—including hospitals and large health systems,” says Weiner.



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