A man’s new wife has branded him ‘humourless’ after he took offense to a tongue-in-cheek card one of her friend’s gave them to celebrate their marriage.

The pair have been together for seven years, but have lived far away from their hometowns, meaning they had little opportunity to get to know their significant other’s friends and family.

He had met one of his wife’s friends, who he refers to as ‘F’, once before in a crowded bar on Halloween , but says he ‘otherwise did not know this person’.

His new wife considers F a childhood friend but he doesn’t think the pair are in regular contact.

Following their wedding, the couple had a celebration in his wife’s hometown, which F attended and handed over a gift along with a card.

His wife found it funny – but he didn’t

In the gifts, his wife’s friend, who works as a divorce attorney, slipped in her business card with a cheeky line about her availability if his wife ever needed her.

“My wife chuckled and thought it was clever,” he said. “I thought it was incredibly tasteless and offensive.

“I get they’re old friends with an existing relationship, but I have essentially no relationship with this person, and she had to know I would see it (it was in a card for both of us, that we opened together in front of everyone at the shower).

“My wife thinks I’m just stodgy and humorless.”

After asking if he had over reacted, the situation divided opinion among others on Reddit .

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One wrote: “Chill out and take the cue from your wife on this one. She knows this person well and has known her since childhood, and she considers the card to be a lighthearted joke.

“You admittedly don’t know this person at all and are actively choosing to interpret the card in the worst way possible.”

Another argued: “If it was a quiet joke shared between wife and friend, that would have been fine. Making it public like that was tasteless.”

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