Ray Daniels (left) with 2020 Kentucky Derby contender Necker Island and Greg Harbut (photo courtesy of Greg Harbut)

Bloodstock agent Greg Harbut has begun leading a lecture series as part of an entrepreneur residency program at Wilberforce University, a private historically black university just outside Dayton, Ohio. According to the Thoroughbred Daily News, Harbut’s goal is to introduce young African-American college students to the horse racing industry.

“It’s a wonderful industry, an industry I hold near to my heart and an industry that has afforded me a lot of opportunities,” Harbut told the TDN. “From a factual standpoint, there just aren’t minorities in this business. We have to make a strategic effort to go out and target people of color and market to people of color.”

Harbut told the TDN the best way to connect with the younger generation is to inform them of the history of American Americans in the sport of racing. He plans to assist interested students find internships in various segments of the Thoroughbred industry.

Read more at the Thoroughbred Daily News.



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