GOP congressman accuses Secretary of State of treason and rants over Blinken during Afghanistan hearing

Republican congressman Brian Mast of Florida laid into Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday during a hearing on Afghanistan, accusing him of treason and suggesting the top diplomat manipulated intelligence about what would happen when the US left the country in an angry rant where he continued to speak over the flustered official.

“I absolutely wonder if you were complicit in this as well. I find it hard to believe that president Biden would do that without you being aware of this,” Mr Mast said. “And these are these we deserve to have better answers, have better hearings on this. I don’t not believe a word that you’re saying on this.”

His rant continued until fellow legislators had to bang the gavel and ask the Florida representative to stop speaking, as he continued insisting the secretary was spreading “lies.”

“I’m not giving you a moment of time,” Mr Mast added, as Mr Blinken tried to defend himself. “I don’t wish to hear your lies. We’ve heard your lies when you step up in front of the camera.”


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