Mirror agony aunt Coleen Nolan advises a reader who worries there’s more to his girlfriends’s friendship than she’s admitting – as she never shares the messages

Young lady texting while using a laptop at the cafe.
Should she share the messages with her boyfriend? (Stock image)

Dear Coleen, My wife has a close male friend she’s known since her uni days.

He lives nearby and they see each other regularly, and also text and call a lot.

This guy is also in a relationship, but not married.

I don’t want to seem paranoid but she’s very protective of this friendship, won’t hear a bad word against him and never shares his messages with me.

I’ve started to worry they’re more than just friends and are using the friendship as a cover in order to hook up.

Should I just come out with it and confront her?

Coleen says

Yes, but I wouldn’t rush in here and be confrontational.

Just say something like, “I might be worrying over nothing, but I’m feeling insecure about this friendship and I can’t help thinking there might be more to it than just being mates because the two of you are so close.”

See what she has to say, but she might not be sharing messages with you because she’s picked up on the fact you’re a bit sensitive about the friendship with this guy and she doesn’t want to rub it in your face.

So, take the first step and be honest about your feelings.

Don’t let things build up so you end up having a row and don’t drive yourself mad worrying about stuff that might not be happening.



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