Katie Warman was smitten when she found her partner had set up a trail of love notes around the house as she’s ‘never had anyone do anything like that’ for her before.

The 22-year-old followed the clues of the romantic treasure hunt last weekend, which led to a candlelit bath – and she must have felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

But it didn’t finish there. After her relaxing soak, the mum-of-one found another note waiting for her on the back of the bathroom door and began eagerly hunting down the rest of the notes, expecting to find another treat at the end.

Following the directions of eight notes, she looked through drawers, behind mirrors and on lamp shades, desperate to discover what her boyfriend Cameron McAlpine had planned for her next.

The final clue read ‘”Haha this is fun try the fridge” and Katie must have been wondering what surprise or favourite sweet treat he had in store for her.

Katie followed eight clues to find what was waiting for her

Instead of finding cupcakes decorated with love hearts, she was instead faced with a tenth note simply saying: “Now you’re here make me food please. Still love you doe xoxo.”

Katie, from Norfolk, thought she would get her own back by refusing to give into his demands, but she was already one step behind and found a final note hidden under her pillow when she climbed into bed an hour later, which predicted: “I’m guessing no food then.”

She said: “I was really excited when I was following the notes because I’ve never had anyone do anything like that to me ever.

“I did laugh when I saw the last note, I did find it funny. I wasn’t angry.

“I was watching telly and he had run a bath and left notes around the house for me to find this candlelight bath. It was really lovely.

It wasn’t quite the romantic gesture she was expecting

“After I got out, he put a note on the bathroom door and I thought I was going to get another Valentine’s Day present. I followed the notes around the house.

“I got into the kitchen and heard him sniggering because he knew what I’d found. I saw it and said ‘you are joking’.

“I got into bed an hour later and found another note under my pillow which said, ‘I’m assuming no food then’. I said, ‘yeah, you’re right’.

“I didn’t make him any food, no way. I wasn’t making him food.”

Katie shared the trail online, writing: “I thought Cameron was being cute. I was wrong. Who wants a boyfriend?”

The pair are going to London to celebrate Valentine’s Day properly

Unfortunately for her, their friend’s hailed her boyfriend ‘man of the hour’ as the post racked up more than 6,300 likes, comments and shares.

The prank was nothing new for the couple, who have been together for six months, with Katie saying that Cameron regularly fires off confetti cannons in her house to scare her.

She explained the pair are set to celebrate Valentine’s Day properly with a trip to London and treating themselves to a new bed.

Katie said: “I posted it online and didn’t think it would be that popular, but my phone didn’t stop. I couldn’t even reply to messages at one point. My phone was freezing.

“I told my partner and he said, ‘No way. Oh my god’. He laughed about going viral. All my friends were calling him the man of the hour and I was telling them to shut up.

The stay at home mum said she had to laugh at the prank

“Everyone has found it pretty funny. Everyone knows what Cam is like. They know I’m quite spoiled too.

“He’s generally very funny. He does just prank me quite a lot. He is forever getting me with confetti cannons and shooting them in my house just to make me jump.

“I came in from cooking dinner and he hid behind the door and shot it. He is just generally a prankster. To be fair, I’m quite glad he works away Monday to Friday sometimes.

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“He went away with work to America for six weeks in November until December.

“Between him and my older sister, they arranged it so he would come home a day early and completely surprised me.

“He turned up with my sister and I couldn’t talk and started screaming and couldn’t get any words out. He’s just generally funny. He is really fun to have around. I love it when he’s home.”



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