Get the new term off to a great start with a Chromebook from John Lewis

After more than 18 months of disruption to education, with university students and school leavers having to do more remote learning than ever before, it’s important to get the new term off to the best start possible. Because whether you’re going to university as a Fresher or entering your final year of study, you want to know that you’re well equipped to tackle the months ahead.

A Chromebook, available to buy in-store or online at John Lewis, is the perfect laptop for those in higher education thanks to their range of helpful features including long battery life for those who forget to charge their devices and want to work on the go, and built-in virus protection to keep it safe against threats, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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Explore the Chromebook range, from £159 at John Lewis

Chromebooks are also known for their speed and ease of use, able to boot up in seconds, meaning you can trust them to help get the work done, even when working to a tight deadline. And that’s not all, Chromebooks have a host of other benefits that make them a great back to university purchase.

Stay fast and productive

As well as starting up in a matter of seconds, Chromebooks stay fast over time meaning that you know you’ll be able to pivot from taking lecture notes to streaming your favourite film instantly – without lag times and slow processing speeds. Working is also made quicker with features like the Everything Button, allowing you to find what you’re looking for on your laptop instantly.

Long battery life

The battery lasts up to 12 hours, which is helpful if you find yourself moving between home, the library, classes, and the student union, never knowing where you’re going to be able to plug in. Don’t let your work be disrupted by a flat battery when you need it most.

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Explore the Chromebook range, from £159 at John Lewis

Work without Wifi

With a Chromebook, you can get plenty of work done even when you’re not on Wifi. Simply enable offline access on your chosen Google documents and emails. And once you reconnect to the internet – everything will automatically back up to your Google Drive, meaning your ideas and your work are kept safe and synced.

Want to use a second screen, but don’t have a monitor? Not a problem. You can simply cast your Google Chrome browser to a Chromecast-enabled TV (requires a compatible TV with a HDMI Port, or a TV with Chromecast built in) or expand your desktop with Virtual Desks.

Built-in virus protection

Once the work is done you can rely on your Chromebook to keep it secure with built-in virus protection software that keeps your coursework, dissertation, and personal data protected from malware attacks, giving you the peace of mind you want from your devices at a crucial stage in your life.

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Explore the Chromebook range, from £159 at John Lewis

Play as well as work

As well as functionality that makes them great for studying, Chromebooks also support your downtime with all your favourite apps available on Google Play; Netflix, Disney+ and more (some apps require subscription charges and installation). That means as well as working hard you can play hard.

Wellbeing tools

When it’s time to take a break you can take advantage of your Chromebook’s built-in wellbeing tools like the Night Light and Do Not Disturb buttons to help you maintain boundaries between work and home.

Additional perks

So what are you waiting for? Right now there are also a number of perks on offer including three months of YouTube premium – a gateway to millions of ad-free videos – normally £11.99 (open to participants who have purchased and activated a Chromebook by 2022-01-15) or 12 months of Google One with 100 GB of storage – great for storing photos and course notes (£1.59 per month after the trial. Redeem by 2022-01-31 at

Explore the Chromebook range, from £159 at John Lewis

So get your hands on a new Chromebook before heading off to university. Chromebooks are easy to set up right out of the box. Just log in with your Google Account, and all of your Google Drive files and Chrome preferences will be available on your new Chromebook – so you can get off to a flying start. Discover the Chromebook range at John Lewis now.


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