Fundrs Welcomes Dua AG As The First Startup Exploring Its Participatory Funding Platform

Startups looking to secure funding without going down the traditional route have a new option at their disposal. The recently launched Fundrs platform fully embraces decentralization and peer-to-peer funding solutions. is the first project to tap into this platform and the opportunities it represents.

Dua AG Taps Fundrs

After securing $4 million series A funding, Swiss startup dua AG turns its attention to the future. The startup intends to tokenize its user base of over 5 million individuals with the help of cryptocurrency and decentralized technology. They will use the Fundrs platform to achieve participatory funding and launch its DUA utility token.

The core mission of the dua Foundation is to establish an international community and matchmaking experience for expats, diaspora communities, and international migrants. They will leverage the and platforms to achieve that goal. Furthermore, by using the DUA token and Web3 technology, these communities can benefit from peer-to-peer technology and connect with like-minded people.

There is another purpose to the DUA utility token. While users can earn it through participation and reputation building, it will also provide access to decentralized finance services. That is a big selling point for those with limited or no access to traditional financial services. Accessing these DeFi options is possible through the native and applications, which include a built-in wallet to explore on-chain remittances, payments, and borrowing options.

Furthermore, communities will receive access to self-sovereign identities through dua.ID. That solution collects users’ online footprints through reputation and merit. A user’s online presence and activities form the foundation of an immutable online identity. Businesses can use those identities to vet users for future participation.

A Big Step For The Fundrs Platform

AllianceBlock introduced its P2P funding platform Fundrs in August 2022. Fundrs runs on the Avalanche and Ethereum networks to tap into the potential of decentralization and web3. The listing of DUA is the first project for Fudnrs, yet it is one representing over 5 million users. In addition, Fundrs’ native technology can facilitate funding efforts for blockchain and traditional startups and offers exposure to additional financing options later in the investment cycle.

AllianceBlock CEO and Founder Rachid Ajaja comments: “Fundrs is a revolutionary step in our vision towards a truly decentralized participatory economy. It is a culmination of our original vision in 2018 to provide unbiased access to a peer-to-peer funding platform based on reputation and merit. With dua as our first listing, we will be able to target globally fragmented communities which is fully in line with our mission to bring access to the best companies in a fair, transparent, and inclusive participatory economy.”

With the advent of Web3 and decentralized economies, platforms like Fundrs will play a key role. New ventures need a launchpad to access capital, advice, and other resources. AllianceBlock’s solution bridges TradFi and DeFi, as both worlds have crucial benefits. In essence, Fundrs is a start-up-as-a-service model empowering capital providers to become essential parts of a project’s lifecycle.


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