The Man Out Front can only imagine what it’s like inside the head of LPGA commissioner Mike Whan these days. Thank goodness there’s no shortage of caffeinated diet drinks.

Anyone who knows Whan knows that the membership is top of mind in the midst of these uncertain days. On March 24, Whan sent out a video message to players that included information on a cash advancement program on future earnings for anyone who needs help. The PGA Tour has announced something similar. Details are forthcoming.

Whan encouraged players to reach out, but he also created a call list for his staff. In the coming days, every player on tour will receive a check-up call from a staff member.

The LPGA always has been a family atmosphere.

To that point, there will need to be playing opportunities for all, which means that full-field events must be a priority for Whan and his staff. In addition to combining title sponsors, the Forecaddie hears that one possibility on the table is moving the UL International Crown to the U.S. and making it a full-field event. The Crown, of course, is a biennial event that pits the top eight countries against each other. Teams are made up of four players. This year’s event is scheduled for Aug. 27-30 at Centurion Club in London.

It’s difficult, of course, to have a qualifying system for individuals and countries with the potential of so few tournaments on the spring and summer calendar. And the Crown field is made up of a total of 32 players. What if it changed to 144?

The scenarios are endless. And any company that not only sticks with the tour, but steps up to fill a need would be lauded.

The LPGA’s current schedule has the next event, the inaugural Pelican Women’s Championship, taking place May 14-17. With President Trump extending social distancing guidelines through April, that restart dates seems unlikely.

Imagine a U.S. Women’s Open in December? Q-School might have to move back toward Christmas to account for the largest purse in women’s golf.

Who needs a winter offseason? Right now it’s all about finding opportunities to play.



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