When Scott Disick goes to check on the Malibu mansion he’s working on in this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘Flip It Like Disick,’ he discovers someone has been taking advantage of him and the house.

Scott Disick, 36, is trying to show a mansion in Malibu so he goes to see the progress in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Aug. 18 episode of his new series Flip It Like Disick. He goes to the house with his bodyguard, Noah, and they’re shocked at what they find. They discover a full fridge, dog bowls, and more. Scott knows that the contractor, Miki, has been working on the house and sometimes comes over to surf. “He has to be living here,” Noah tells Scott after looking through the full fridge.

Scott walks towards the back door and finds Miki… not working. “This sick f**k is in the hot tub!” Scott yells. Scott confronts Miki and asks, “What are you doing here?” Miki asks Scott the same thing. Miki says he’s just come over to chill for a couple of hours. “Who’s going to buy the house if you’re living here? Like, you’re living quite good,” Scott says. Miki insists that he’s working hard but Scott’s not really buying it.

The conversation segues into a talk about the basketball court at the mansion. Scott wants it gone, but Miki feels like Scott should keep it because it could be a playground for kids. “I feel like Miki is trying to delay demoing the basketball court maybe in hopes that me and Benny are going to change our mind but he’s definitely mistaken,” Scott admits. Scott tells Miki to his face, “You’re too relaxed over here. You’re forgetting about business.”

When it comes to Scott Disick and business, it’s best not to mess with him. Flip It Like Disick airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on E!



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