The Eastern Conference finals start Tuesday. The Celtics and Heat each stand four wins away from the NBA Finals. Here are five major storylines to watch in their upcoming series.

1. The ‘About That Life’ Bowl

Even if Marcus Smart and Jimmy Butler had never met each other before, the matchup would be a good one. It makes it even better that they have history.

During the first round of the 2017 playoffs, Butler and Smart had a brief shoving match that ended with the two players in each other’s faces. Afterward, Butler called Smart a “great actor” and said Smart was “acting tough.” Butler also claimed that Smart was “not about that life” — a line Smart did not appreciate at all. In his response, he declared, among other things, “It ain’t hard to find me.”

Three years later, Smart should at least occasionally get a crack at the Butler assignment. As much as they disliked each…



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